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Panning For Gold With Your Best Enemy

Posted by admin On September - 7 - 2014

Many of the shows dealing with gold mining encounter the common topic of panning for gold with an enemy. This situation occurs when people with different interests or goals are forced to work together to make a profit or to complete some task. It has been seen in shows like Gold Rush and Jungle Gold. Although it makes for good entertainment, it is also a realistic situation people panning for gold must deal with every year for a number of reasons.

One of the first reasons is because no gold mining operation operates Read the rest of this entry »

Best Prizes in Reality Contest Shows

Posted by On June - 11 - 2013

When the reality show “Survivor” debuted on CBS in the summer of 2000, the 1 million in prize money it promised its winner caused a stir. Since then, large cash payouts have become a staple of the genre. “The X Factor,” a singing competition on Fox, holds the record for the largest cash prize, an astonishing 5 million. These shows and others like them are available through

But large cash payouts do not necessarily represent the best reality show prizes. It can be much more rewarding for a contestant to win a business opportunity within his or her field. “American Idol” is one of the pioneers of this approach. From the start, the show has not only awarded prizes such as cash or automobiles, but also a record deal. If that record deal turns out to be successful, then the reality show victor might parlay that prize into a fulfilling, hugely lucrative, perhaps decades-long career. Carrie Underwood, the fourth winner of “American Idol,” provides a perfect example of this phenomenon: Her debut album following “Idol” was a hit, and she’s since proven herself a top country music star.

Other reality shows offer winners a chance to pursue their dream profession. “Project Runway,” a cable show that pits budding fashion designers against one another in design competitions, gives each of its winners a package of prizes designed to boost her or his career, including a showcase in the magazine “Elle” and, in its first few seasons, a mentor from a top fashion label. In the first iteration of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” winners got to work for one of Donald Trump’s companies for a year, allowing them to network among corporate leaders and hone their business skills at an advanced level. Bill Rancic, the first “Apprentice” winner in 2004, even published a book about his experiences.

Indeed, though it might sound trite, simply appearing on a reality show is often a huge prize in itself. Consider the case of Jennifer Hudson. In 2004, she only came in seventh place on “American Idol.” But that exposure helped Hudson land movie and TV roles. One of those performances even earned her an Oscar.

Finding Gold On The Banks Of California

Posted by admin On May - 29 - 2013

The new television craze is gold. There are numerous reality shows pertaining to people searching for gold in various locations. Whether it is in the mountains of Alaska or off the coast of California, there seems to be gold everywhere. The progress of the hunt seems to make everyone have gold fever. Television shows that feature gold hunters don’t show the hardships that the hunters go through. There are some episodes that show what happens behind the scenes, but most people don’t know that the hunters sometimes don’t reach the goal that they need in Read the rest of this entry »

Men Versus Women In Team Gold Rush

Posted by admin On March - 27 - 2013

Realty television is gaining in popularity because many people can relate to the material presented. Drama television programs are especially popular because they focus your attention away from your problems and onto someone else. Television producers know this fact, and the reality television programs keep appearing on network television programs. People have a fascination with getting rich, staying out of trouble and solving life’s problems. That is why realty television is likely here to stay. Read the rest of this entry »

Predict The Next Big Thing To Win A Million

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2012

Reality TV shows have become a major fascination with viewers all over the world. When these shows revolve around the contestants chances of winning big money, viewers want to see what lengths these people are willing to go to. The reward of a million dollars spurs many people to take chances they wouldn’t otherwise take with their own lives. In the quake of shows which have people revealing their innermost secrets, walking on tightropes between skyscrapers or wheeling a dealing in the world of big business, what will the Read the rest of this entry »

Look Like A Celebrity And A Fortune

Posted by admin On August - 12 - 2012

There are many television shows out there that are about making and saving money. Many of them are highly viewed while others sadly fall under the radar. When you turn on your television make sure to check out some of these.

One popular show about making money is hardcore pawn. This show is about owners of a pawn shop trying to make money in the heart of Detroit. Hardcore pawn is the perfect combination of reality and drama. You will get sucked into this show after Read the rest of this entry »

Power Games Played In Small Towns

Posted by admin On August - 9 - 2012

There are many fun television shows out there that involve getting rich. Some of these shows are better than others but they all pretty much have the same concept. When watching these kinds of shows for the first time you will be sure to get hooked!

One very highly rated show about making money is Deadliest Catch. This show not only shows you the reality of how dangerous the job can be but also the drama in their lives. The drama in the show makes it appeal to a larger group Read the rest of this entry »

Racing To The Finish Line For A Million Dollars

Posted by admin On August - 8 - 2012

Have you ever been asked that quirky question of what would you do for a million dollars? Most people would do just about anything because let’s face it a million dollars is a lot of money! Lots of people are getting on the bandwagon for reality television shows where there is big prize money at stake.

How do you get in on finding gold and getting rich? Well you won’t make it on to a show if Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Rich By Predicting The Next Big Thing

Posted by admin On August - 6 - 2012

These days everyone wants to try their hand at getting rich. Whether you have considered trying to figure out the Next Big Thing or just enjoy watching people try to get rich on television, you are not alone.

Today, many reality television shows exist with one theme in mind, to make money. Fame and fortune are sought out through shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. But even reality television is much about doing what is required to win the game and Read the rest of this entry »